Top 6 Pet Hates for 2015

I have too many to count, on account of me being such a ray of sunshine. On my list of Top Pet Peeves of 2015 in no particular order: Photo booths, People who can’t use traffic circles, #Hashtags, People who park in handicapped parking bays, Social media and People who use lifts when they really don’t need to. Please feel free to supply me with your own list of niggles in life.



I just can’t stand it when people write normal sentences without hashtags. It’s like my eyes can’t read the words anymore unless there’s a hashtag before them. Hashtags serve to combine the purpose of writing in CAPS and using four or five exclamation marks at the end of your sentence!!!! If you want to make a point well, and be absolutely certain that people will understand what you are trying to convey, use the hashtag. #Pethates#Whydoeseverysentencenowstartwitha#WTFisupwithallthese#Ifrigginhate#

Handicapped parking bays

Seriously unfair. Just because they have a slight limp, or a wheelchair, some people think they deserve a better parking bay than me? I once parked in this bay right, and you won’t believe it…this guy with a wheelchair on his roof actually asked me to move. He was all like, “Hi, I really could use that spot”. Whatever dude, first come, first served. #Everyonedesrvesaspotnearthedoor

Photo booths

One of my top pet peeves for 2015 is that there are not more photo booths stocked with glasses, wigs, moustaches and funny hats. Please, please, if you get the opportunity, take as many photos of yourself and your friends in disguise as you can, and post them on Facebook for the world to see. #Somebodyshootmenow #SayCheese

Social media

Sometimes when I post my opinion on how to be a better version of yourself, I get a lot of negative comments from my Facebook friends. So that’s why I’m listing sharing advice on social media as a pet peeve this year. The world would be a much better place if everyone was on the paleo diet, wore active wear all day everyday, joined Isagenix, ran running races, cycled cycle races, joined Network21 or Amway, ate more kale, counted their steps, read fewer books, asked fewer questions, had fewer brain cells, paid less attention to the world around them, and valued diversity less. #Imissthe90s #whereareallthedepressedpeoplehiding? #Iwishgrungewouldmakeacomback

Traffic Circles

Traffic circles appears on my list of pet hates year in and year out, because it seems that NO-ONE knows how they work. Everyone knows they’re just another version of a four-way stop. When you get to the circle, you stop, and let the first person who got there go. If you’re in the circle, and someone approaches the circle, the correct thing to do is to brake immediately and let them in. It is not necessary to indicate in a traffic circle or as you approach one, because it just confuses the issue more. The idea is to just wing it every time you approach one and hope for the best. #didyoubuyyourdriver’sliscenceonline #Whatisayieldsign?

Crowded lifts

I wait in the queue for the lift like everyone else. And then this one time, this mom, with a pram and a toddler gives me a dirty look when I go in and take the last remaining space. Like she deserves a spot in the lift just because she wears Birkenstocks, she’s got kids, and a trolley and a pram and can’t manage the escalators and so is reliant on the single working lift in the whole mall. Wait in line girlfriend. I have walked this mall till my feet are killing me and I ‘aint walking three meters to the ESCALATOR adjacent to the lifts. It’s just too much like hard work. I made her wait for the next one. #Godforbidyouhavetowalk #Movementforliftsforpeoplewhoneedthem

So, what do you think about that?

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